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The Period Fairy Mug

The Period Fairy Mug

Here's my very own personalized 11 ounce mug. It's a unique limited edition, so you can be one of the first and only to own the Period Fairy mug. If you're thinking the last thing I need is a mug, I put together a few reasons. If you want more, just ask.

  1. To enjoy your favorite beverage; hot chocolate, coffee, comforting tea or something stronger when I'm around.
  2. Carry it around the house or office as a warning to let others know when it's time to BACK OFF.
  3. Set it on a table and use my picture for target practice. I don't mind.
  4. Fill it with M&M's or Midol, whatever.

$12.95 plus shipping and handling ($3.95)

The Period Fairy T-Shirt

* Sizes run small, so order one size up if you want.

The Period Fairy T-Shirt

Be one of the first and only to get my new T-shirt. I've only made a few because, as you know, I have a hectic schedule to keep. So get it while it lasts! I made them soft, comfy and form fitting with 100% ring spun cotton. A t-shirt that gently hugs your body with a babydoll look. Nothing but the best for my clients!

Why in the world would you want a Period Fairy T-Shirt?

  1. It's totally unique. The fairy universe doesn't like self-promotion, but I managed to make a small batch, so you'll be one of the very few to have one.
  2. It's black and we all know black hides chocolate stains pretty well.
  3. If you're wearing one the next time I visit, I may be kind and only hang around for a day.
  4. Think of all the fun you'll have when you explain to people who's on your shirt.
  5. If you give it as a gift, I guarantee they won't have one already.
  6. Get one before I sell out to Disney and you have to pay 3 times as much. (Hey, it could happen.)
  7. If you ball it up tightly, it makes a nice gag. You know, for an annoying spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or whoever bothers you when I'm visiting.
  8. Some people just won't get it. And that's fun.

$18.95 plus shipping and handling ($3.95)

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